May 2019 update

Some information and thoughts after attending a pension conference (accountants please be sure to see item #2): Fixing plan defects is somewhat easier.  We’d like to think our plans are perfectly run, and in fact we think they are certainly run better than most, but to be honest, I could probably find something wrong with […]

Latest (latest!) on the fiduciary rule

As discussed in an earlier blogpost (and here, and here), the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, covering Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas, determined that the rule is impermissible (by a 2-1 vote on a 3 judge panel).  Several organizations, including AARP, requested standing as defendants but those motions were denied, and the Department of Labor, which […]

Latest on the fiduciary rule

The fiduciary rule, explained in an earlier blogpost, makes investment advisors fiduciaries when they provide services to a plan or to an IRA investor. Here is a super-quick summary of some key points: A fiduciary must act in the best interest of participants. It is a prohibited transaction for a fiduciary to receive income from […]